My name is Rodrigo and I am going to cycle from London to Porto for a cause.

I have been living in London for almost 7 years, where I hold a PhD in Bioinformatics from Imperial College London, and now I am a Digital Consultant.

I cannot really remember where the idea of the cycling trip came from. It must have been just one of many adventurous thoughts that came to mind. I suggested the idea to my girlfriend, who supports me with the condition that I could not go alone.

Finding a travel companion to this adventure has turned out to be a difficult task. The trip, which in itself is quite long requires a lot of preparation. I heard a lot of ‘maybes’, ‘let me think about it’ and some ‘yes’’ that in the end turned into ‘no’s’. One day, after speaking to my youngest brother, Afonso, of the frustration this had been, to my surprise and delight, he decided he would join me.

Afonso holds an Integrated Masters in Sports Science Education from ISMAI. After graduating, he set up his own company:xeque-mate.